Wall Processors

What means Wall Processor?

If pictures and video clips should be presented on large screens, a single display or projector is often insufficient. Video walls consisting of multiple rear-projection cubes, small bezel displays, projectors or LED modules should then be used. One video processor takes over the depiction of the picture content as a harmonic overall picture through the individual components.

What is to be considered?

Split computers as manufactured by RGB Spectrum have been developed primarily for video walls consisting of rear-projection cubes and Steglos monitors. Split computers use the full, native resolution of the playback devices. So that the overall impression of the picture first, then edge-blending technique is used. The Mediawall projector group from RGB Spectrum provides a number of variations with diverse numbers of inputs for the input of various signal formats and outputs depending on the number of playback components.

Split computers are frequently supplemented by windowing systems in order to be able to depict several pictures or video clips. The split computers from RGB Spectrum have integrated windowing systems. Pure windowing systems include: Multiviewer, DualView and QuadView. All RGB products are hardware-based, and operate with the necessary stability and reliability, without the limitations of PC-based systems.

Which applications can be considered?

  • large conference rooms
  • halls
  • digital billboards in and around buildings
  • Control centers and control rooms (Network Operations Center, NOC)
  • tactical operations centers (tactical operations center, TOC)
  • Disaster operation centers (Emergency Operations Center, EOC)
  • the areas of oil and gastransportsecurity, entertainmentindustrial design and retail

The simple operation of multiple PCs or workstations via a KVM system complements the visual representation.

What offers syscomtec?

Syscomtec markets split computers from the following manufacturers: CYP easescreen and RGB Spectrum. Syscomtec provides a broad selection of models of split computers in the Mediawall series to their retailers at exceptional conditions.

Which system is the right one for my application?

Our highly qualified marketing department will help with the selection of the appropriate split computers. Our technical support staff will support our partners with the planning and installation of the system. The most popular split computers can be delivered quickly. A demonstration of the RGB Spectrum equipment can be arranged by prior agreement.

Which products are available? 

  • Mediawall
  • Split Computers

Which manufactures are there?

  • CYP
  • easescreen
  • RGB Spectrum

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