Syscomtec Distribution AG is the premium provider for products and solutions in the fields of signal management, visualization technology and network control systems. We are specialized in marketing innovative high-technology products to technical retailers and system houses in Germany and in German-speaking countries.

Syscomtec provides advice about the products and systems offered at the technically highest level, along with support of the technical specifications and application-specific questions. Together with our technical retailers and system house partners, we think and operate in a solution-oriented manner.

The objective of our efforts is the economic success of our partners through the realization of their contracts. Exactly because we view ourselves primarily as a service provider, whose services extend beyond the sale and who actively supports their customers in the realization and activation of their products.

Fields of Business and Partners

Digital Signage

For digital signage solutions syscomtec Distribution AG offers media player, software from easescreen and PCs of different levels.



Signal Management and Signal Transmission

For signal transmission, we offer different solutions:

  •         Active fiber-optic components
  •         Active CAT components
  •         Modular signal management systems
  •         Routers and switches
  •         Seamless switches
  •         DVI and HDMI products
  •         SDI and HD-SDI systems
  •         Windowing systems
  •         Distribution amplifiers and interfaces
  •         Converters and scalers
  •         TV tuners
  •         Connections and floor tanks
  •         Multi-core cable

If you would like to learn more about Syscomtec, please send us an email or call us at +49 (0)89 We always have an open ear for questions and suggestions.