What are the differences?

Different cables connect the devices of audio visual media technology. Cable connections are still the most secure connection.For the transmission of video signals there are HDMI cable, DVI cable, DisplayPort cable, VGA cable, and various video cable.How longer a cable is, and how higher the resolution should be, much better the cables quality needs to be. The standards 5e /6 and 7 are becoming more an more common, especially for HDBaseT CAT cable.

What types of cables are there?

  • CAT 5e / 6/7 (Ethernet)
  • DisplayPort
  • DVI
  • HDMI
  • fiber
  • USB
  • VGA with audio
  • video
  • coax

What is to be considered?
In addition to the cable, the type and quality of the connectors is also important. DVI, BNC and VGA connectors are hard wired. With HDMI connectors, this is not the case, and is only an option for DisplayPort cables.Another important issue is the assembly of the cable at the customer site. The advantage is in the adjustment to the length. There are crimping tools for coax and twisted pair, sometimes called CAT cables. The connectors from Covid use screws for secure VGA and RS232 connections.

Modern HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort connectors should be fully assembled, when possible, because the processing at the construction site can be risky due to the number of wires. Covid also provides HDMI cables with crimped plugs.

If certain lengths will be exceeded, repeaters and EDID generators will be necessary. For this, DVI Gear and Gefen have a large catalog of products for HDMI and DVI systems.

When using transmission systems as HDBaseT CAT cables with the standards 5e / 6 and 7 are used. By using an optical fiber transmission the compatibility of the transmitter and receiver to the cable is important, there are multimode and singlemode fiber.

What syscomtec sells?
Syscomtec markets cables and fiber-optic cables from Covid, Belden and DVI Gear as well as their own Syscomtec brand. Syscomtec offers a broad selection of digital and analog cables to their retailers at exceptional conditions.

Which is the right system for my application?
The selection of the right cable is just as important when using transmission systems like MultiView or HDBase-T. For fiber-optic transmissions multimode and single mode fiber-optic cables are available.Our highly qualified marketing department will help with the selection of the appropriate cables or fiber-optic cables. Our technical support staff will support our partners with the planning and installation of the right audio-visual cables. The most popular cables can be delivered quickly.

What products are available?

  • DisplayPort
  • DVI and HDMI
  • Ethernet / CAT 5e / 6/7
  • Glass fiber
  • USB
  • VGA with audio

Which manufacturers are there?

  • Covid
  • DVI Gear
  • syscomtec

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