What means Audio?

When we talk about Audio we mean products for Audio-Transmission. These are mainly audio amplifier.

Compact audio amplifier of CYP have multiple line inputs and the ability to admix a microphone. They can be controlled via media controls. Due to its compact design, the amplifier can be mounted in false ceilings and with projectors.

Which applications are possible?

Compact audio amplifier and preamplifier can be used in conference rooms and training rooms for companies and other organizations.

What does syscomtec offer?

Syscomtec markets amplifiers and preamps from Calypso. Syscomtec offers a broad selection of amplifiers to their retailers at exceptional conditions.

Which is the right system for my application?

Our highly qualified marketing department will help with the selection of the appropriate amplifier. Our technical support staff will support our partners with the planning and installation of the amplifiers.

What products are available?

Compact Audio Amplifier
Compact Audio Mixer Amplifier
Compact Audiovorverstärker

Which manufacturers are there?


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