Splitter and Extender

What means splitter and extender?
Audio-visual distributors distribute signals to several playback devices, such as projectors and flat screens.

Which types of signals are possible?

  • DVI
  • HDMI
  • HD-SDI
  • VGA
  • Video
  • Audio
  • CAT
  • HDBase-T
  • fiber

What are the differences?
An important characteristic of audio-visual distributors is the number of outputs. They may vary from 2 to 12 outputs. Many audio-visual distributors also combine multiple signals, such as audio-video distributors. With HDBase-T distributors, the HDBase-T signal contains multiple signals, specifically HDMI with audio, infrared, RS232 and Ethernet. The CAT distributors are similar.

There are also controllable audio-visual distributors, whose outputs can be switched actively or passively. The HDCP compatibility of the distributor is an important issue for HDMI signals. Another criterion is EDID management.

Which applications are possible?
Among other things, audio-visual distributors are used in conference rooms at corporations and other organizations, for display systems at exhibition and athletic halls, for digital information at casinos, for networking in the lecture halls of universities, for control systems in control centers, for monitoring at hospitals and so forth.

What does syscomtec offer?
Syscomtec offers a broad selection of distributors to their retailers at exceptional conditions. Syscomtec markets distributors from the following manufacturers: CYP, Altinex, Artel (ehemals CSI), Gefen, DVI- Gear und tcOne.

Which is the right application
Our highly qualified marketing department will help with the selection of the appropriate distributor. Our technical support staff will support our partners with the planning and installation of the audio-video distributors. The most popular distributors can be delivered quickly.

Which products are available?

  • Audio Distributors
  • DVI Distributors
  • HDMI Distributors
  • SDI Distributors
  • HD-SDI Distributors
  • DisplayPort Distributors
  • Video Distributors
  • HDBase-T Distributors
  • CAT Distributors
  • Fiber-optic Distributors

Which manufactures are there?
Artel (formaly CSI), Altinex, CYP, Gefen, DVI Gear, Matrix Switch und tvONE

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