Transmission Systems IP

What means Transmission Systems IP?

Digital signals on screen can be transmitted over longer distances with IP Transmission Systems. IP Transmission Systems consist of a sender and a receiver. A transformer set can work alone with CAT Cable or on the network.

What are the benefits of IP transmission systems?

  • Bridging over longer distances, compare with the specification for IT networks.
  • Require no second cable
  • Flexible changeable, scalable
  • One cable for all signals
  • More Signals across one cable at the same time
  • Cost-saving Topology
  • Simple and flexible cable
  • Low electromagnetic sensitivity
  • An easy install
  • Competitive Cable

What are the differences?

The professional In-house IP-TV systems from jusst technologies. Such systems consist of Encodern and Gateway as well as Receiver/Decoder and potentially a virtual server and a hard disk for the storage of Video-on-Demand Content. The IPTV services can be delivered in parallel with other services on the network by the Multicast technique in connection with manageable Switch and the strong compression of the Video Signals and TV Signals. SD-Stream has approx. 4 Mbit / s and HD-Stream has approx. 10 Mbit / s. It is worked with Buffers which caused certainly delay, to ensure a high quality reproduction of images. Therefore this technology is not suitable for live transmission in the identity space. The NVB-4200 offers a very wide-area opportunities of the Administration, including Digital Rights Management and Firmware-Updates for all jusst Hardware and Software. There is a Software and Plugging for PC workplace. Classical application is: Transmission of events and works meeting in the company network, Provision of TV Programs and Radio Programs and Videos-On-Demand. For Example: Training

Our Systems IP-KVM work in nearly real time in the Motion-JPEG format. Therefore, they need a relatively high bandwidth of 40 -120 Mbit/s. Besides, these products can transmit beside HDMI Signals up to 1920x1200 pixels ,USB and Control Signals RS232 at the same time. Our product family consists of a Receiver, a Transmitter and a controlling box for the control of Media or graphical user interface. A manageable Switch with PoE is necessary, if there are more than one Receiver and a Transmitter to be used. Here we recommend products of Ciscon for you. An expensive digital crossbar is not necessary any more. The Transmitter and Receiver are free cascadable. Up to 7 Streams can be pursued at the same time. A classical application is that, conference rooms with many ground and table tanks, in particular also separable conference zones.

Which applications are possible?

conference rooms
Separable conference rooms
Transmission of events and business meetings in the corporate network
Available position of TV and radio programs and videos-on-demand, for example, for training.

What does syscomtec offer?

Syscomtec distributes the IP Transmission Systems of the following manufacturers: jusst technologies and the own brand. Syscomtec offers a wide choice of IP Transmission Systems with excellent conditions to his traders.

Which is the right system for my application??

The suitable choice of IP-TV and IP-KVM Transmission Systems helps us to ensure the certified distribution. Our technical Support supports our partners in the planning and installation the IP-TV and IP-KVM Transmission Systems. The current IP-TV and IP-KVM Transmission Systems will be for a short time available.

Which products are available?

IP-TV Transmission Systems for Video and VGA
IP-TV Transmission Systems for SAT and Cable
IP-TV and IP-KVM Transmission Systems for HDMI
IP-TV Transmission Systems for DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C
IP-KVM Transmission Systems for KVM
IP-KVM Transmission Systems for RS232

Which manufactures are there?

jusst technologies and syscomtec

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